Odoo CMS - une grande photo

The must-have software specialised in dry-cleaning!

Odoo CMS - une grande photo

Certified NF525 by the AFNOR

GestiClean Up' 1-month trial offer                 

Try GestiClean Up’, the software 100% designed for dry-cleaning management.
GestiClean Up’ is accessible from any device connected to the internet.

A dry-cleaning software in continuous improvement

Its functional coverage will gradually expand to catch up with the previous software, GestiClean: SMS/email notification when the order is ready, customers with end of month invoicing, conveyor automation, statistics… and more!

An innovative and modular dry-cleaning system

Free or charged modules will enrich the basic offer and give you access to new features. For example, the module for ticket sending by email or SMS when the order is ready will be free of charge (included in the basic offer). Other example: the multistore module will be charged (extra monthly fee).

A concept 100% dedicated to dry-cleaning and progressing with the users

The objective is to give you the opportunity to set priorities to your must-have features, and to incorporate them in our development planning.